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Portable Toilet Types

West Coast Loos provides a wide range of toilets for your particular requirements. All of our portable individual units are flushing no mains but if required we do have some that can be connected to the mains.

Maxim 3000 - Click to enlarge
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Maxim 3000 - sleek, modern high specification design double-walled rest-room, perfectly smooth for hygienic cleaning. Spacious interior and translucent roof providing natural daylight into unit. Heavy springs recessed in the top and bottom of the door give it extra resistance to the wind and ensure a smooth tight fit. An ideal all round restroom.

Liberty - Click to enlarge
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Liberty – A large restroom with a doorway and flat floor allowing easy wheelchair access, practical for people with reduced mobility or to accommodate mothers accompanying small children. Toilet, handrails, paper holders and washing facilities are positioned at a low level for convenience of the user.

Hitech 2 - Click to enlarge
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Hitech 2 -  This luxury restroom with high end amenities such as steel bowl and sophisticated interior style is ideal for private parties, weddings and the corporate event market.

Urinal - Click to enlarge
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Urinals – This portable urinal can connect to a drain if required. Combine it with your portable toilets at an event to alleviate queues. More and more towns now require to provide facilities for after hours use.

All our toilets are thoroughly cleaned, serviced and inspected before being delivered and positioned on site by our own operatives. An initial supply of soap hand towels and toilet rolls are provided free of charge. The units are cleaned and serviced on a regular basis per our agreement with the customer using environmentally friendly additives. During servicing, effluent is removed and disposed of, the toilet is thoroughly cleaned, water refilled, soap, hand towels and toilet rolls replenished and the unit left clean and tidy for use.

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